In the Age of Cyberthreats, Healthcare Organizations Must Secure Data At Every Endpoint

Cybersecurity is a hot topic in the healthcare arena, with high-profile breaches at Premara Blue Cross and Anthem highlighting the vulnerability of organizations holding high volumes of sensitive information. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported 235 breaches in 2015 involving more than 112 million health records – 100 times more than any […]

How Hospitals Can Protect Themselves From the Latest Digital Threat

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center is the latest medical facility to be attacked by cyber-criminals – this time, by a type of malware known as ransomware. For an entire week, the malicious code took down the hospital’s network. While certain departments were able to function offline, other patients were relocated to nearby hospitals. Identified by the […]

Mitigating Risk with Wearables in the Workplace

Much has been made of the Internet of Things and the way in which it will transform our lives — for the better, in many cases. Yet the interconnectivity of all these devices and the paths they pave for cyber criminals, hackers, and other threats pose a significant issue for enterprises dealing in secure data. […]

Telecommuting Workers And Data Security

The productivity benefits of telecommuting have been supported by numerous studies. The latest was conducted by Stanford University professor Nicholas Bloom and graduate student James Liang, who is also a cofounder of the Chinese travel website Ctrip. During the nine-month study, Ctrip call center employees who volunteered to participate were randomly assigned either to work […]

Does Your Company Need Data Breach Insurance?

Data Breach Insurance: Is It Necessary? edited We know that data/networks can and should be secured more effectively. While no security system will ever be 100% bulletproof, there are glaring issues with bad practice in all of the recent high-profile breaches. We’ll look at why this might be happening in a follow-up post this week, […]

Key Takeaways From The TalkTalk Breach

As you may already have heard, a 15-year-old was arrested for what is being called one of the UK’s biggest cybercrimes to date – the successful attack on British ISP TalkTalk last week. TalkTalk services the consumer and small business markets. The data breach suffered by the company was most likely the result of a […]

Malware 2016

Prevent, detect, and contain: that’s the National Security Agency (NSA) advice for mitigating the damage of malware attacks. The NSA is warning businesses and agencies to prepare for an upswing of attacks in which data is not only stolen/exposed, but is, along with the network systems that house the data,  destroyed or left unusable in […]

Man-In-The Middle Exploits and the IOT

Man-In-The Middle Exploits and the IOT There are roughly 25 billion smart devices and objects busily gathering data and beaming information back to their respective motherships (and business partners). That’s up from 7 billion things a mere five years ago. And five years from now? The consensus is that 50 billion things will be interconnected, […]

Securing Health Care Records

Insider negligence is no longer the number one cause of data breaches in the healthcare industry—cybertheft and physical theft have now claimed the dubious honor. The Ponemon Institute’s Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data shows that healthcare information has become a prime target for malicious hackers, with lone cybercriminals and […]