Client Testimonials


Our clients’ opinions are what matter most to us. They probably do to you, too.

So when it comes to affirming our value and excellence, we invite you to not take our word for it.

The following quotes are from BAI Security client satisfaction surveys over the past few years.
Formal references are also available as part of our due diligence documentation.


“BAI Security provided excellent service.”  IT Security Officer, ND

“The professional experience and technical expertise made the choice an easy one. …exceptional results. We are completely satisfied.”  IT Director, NC

“Outstanding platform for vulnerability remediation.
Everyone I talked to from sales folks to technical experts were all great to work with and very knowledgeable.
”  VP of IT, PA

“Price was right, service was excellent, and the final deliverables were outstanding. Great team.”  Chief Innovation Officer, DE

“Fast and effective communication.”  IT Director, CA

“We have worked with BAI Security over the course of multiple years and multiple assessments. The reports we receive can be used to communicate to both the executives as well as our technical teams.”  Systems & Network Administrator, CO

“BAI is always super responsive and produces results quickly – and pricing is very competitive.”  IT Director, KY

“The price for the Security Assessment was unbeatable and I’ve always been happy with the service.
I look forward to working with them again!”  AVP of IT, AL

“Competitive rates…comprehensive service offering.”  VP of IT, FL

“Excellent service.”  AVP, NV

“They go out of their way to be helpful, offering their guidance and suggestions (as opposed to a cookie-cutter approach).
Initially, we chose BAI because of their reputation. We went back to them the next few years because of their people and their professionalism, the depth of their technical and procedural knowledge, and friendliness.” IT Director, GA

“…a good comprehensive plan at an affordable price.”  EVP/CTO, OK

“Very easy to work with, provided guidance and excellent reports.”  IT Director, CO

“I really like the report package that was provided at the end of our audit.”  VP of IT, NE

“Your people are excellent, and the report was easy to understand.”  SVP, CO

“Everything went great and smooth, your people are great to work with.
Thank you for another year of great service.”  – CIO/SVP of IT, MI

“We like the format, the pricing, but most of all the variety of tests and the
ala carte menu of items we can choose from.”
 VP of Operations & Compliance, IL

“BAI specializes in security. The other firm we were using was more of a MSP.
I like that BAI was a company just for security.”  IT Manager, IL

“The auditors we have worked with over the years are all very patient with.
The reports are easy to follow and very useful.”  VP of IT, TX

“We liked the approach of tailoring of the project to our needs.”  SVP/COO, PA

“The scope is discussed on a yearly basis – allowing it to change and match our requirements more closely.
Documents provided are very professional and complete. We have always been satisfied with the service.
Personnel are easy to work with and professional.”  VP of IT, HI

“Most professional staff and competitive pricing.”  IT Director, IA

“BAI Security specializes in security, unlike other audit companies that have multiple business units.”  VP of IT, CA

“Best ‘bang for the buck’ as compared to the five other vendors I evaluated.
Comprehensive service offerings at a cost-competitive price point.”  VP/CTO, NM

“Communication. Responsiveness. Flexibility.”  IT Director, CA

“Very pleased with the detail of the PEN testing and so was our engineering staff.”  SVP/CIO, AL

“Although we are a smaller organization, BAI has not made us feel small. We are always treated with respect.
BAI has always provided superior service, so we keep coming back.”
  VP of IT, TX

“(We chose BAI because of) Our confidence in their thoroughness, our previous experience with the knowledge of their staff,
and the helpfulness and advice they always are willing to offer to our bank.”  IT Director, GA

“Continuous professionalism and extensive audit for pen testing,
controls, vulnerabilities, and firewall best practices.”
 VP of IT, NM

“Easy to work with service engineer and quality reports with concise and just the right amount of technical detail.”  Bank VP of IT, MA

“Very impressed with the proposal and package. In comparison to other vendors, BAI Security was very responsive.
They knew our needs and expectations. The pre-audit request list was by far the best we’ve seen.
Very professional yet relatable and a pleasure to work with. Audit reports are very detailed and well organized.
We made the right decision engaging with BAI Security.”  CISO, OH

“Your SoW is great, and I enjoyed the actual deliverables!”  CSIO, WI

“The experience was great, and I felt that BAI had my back. The techs were great to work with and helped me resolve security issues.
They were working with me to correct issues other than just pointing out what was wrong.”

“Very helpful in helping us identify areas of improvement and to offer suggestions on those improvements.”  VP of IT/ISO, IL

“BAI has been professional and easy to work with on all of our security assessments.”  CTO, KY

“There are many players in this field. I contacted some of my industry peers
and asked who they used. BAI came in at the top.”
  IT Supervisor, IN

“Excellent service and follow through.”  VP, WI

“During our research, BAI Security had the highest reviews out of the ones we were considering.”  ISO, CO

“Excellent reports…the Executive Report is great for Execs and Board members.”  VP of IT, NM

“We’ve engaged BAI for several audits. They have helped us identify problems and to develop mitigation strategies.
They have also helped use with the difficult task of balancing security risks against business needs.”
  IT Director, WY

“I have been pleased with the depth of the audits and the ease of working with staff.”  IT Manager, KS

“We have always had great service, and you are very competitive price wise. We feel that the auditors cover a great deal of material and are very thorough. Our Social Engineering testing was really very well done. One of the highlights of these Audits is the Executive Report that gives a summary of what they did and what findings and recommendations were given in a format that the Board of Directors can understand. This is a highly regarded report. This is our third year working with BAI Security and we have signed up for another 3 years.”  AVP/IT Officer, MO

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