IT Security and Compliance Services

Pandemic Special & Free Services 

In our commitment to thwarting cybercriminals attempting to exploit organizations like yours focused on saving lives & livelihoods,

we are proud to support our partners with these

IT Security Assessment

Our IT Security Assessments evaluate risks, vulnerabilities, social engineering, firewalls, wireless, malware protection, and security best practices, and include thorough, user-friendly reports to make next steps clear and straightforward.

Red Team Assessment

Even a 100% compliant organization can often be vulnerable in the real world against a skilled human threat agent. Our Red Team Assessment is designed to answer the question: “What is the real-world effectiveness of my existing security controls against a skilled human attacker?"

Controls Audits & Risk Assessment

Our Controls Audits and Risk Assessments verify an organization's security controls against standards developed by the FFIEC, HIPAA, and other international standards.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

Meet HIPAA requirements, lower risk and track your assessment progress with BAI Security's HIPAA Risk Assessment.

Social Engineering Evaluation

Cybercriminals employ many insidious methods to compromise your network, but none more so than social engineering. Our evaluation will make sure your employees know how to spot social engineering-based attacks and help you build a culture of security consciousness.

Vulnerability Management

This 24/7, on-demand scanning system allows your organization to search for vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure as frequently as needed.