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Protect Your Organization with an IT Security Risk Assessment

Validate your security posture and ensure compliance with BAI Security

The security posture of a company is never static. New threats are discovered daily and continue to evolve.

Whether you’re bringing on a newly acquired organization, implementing a new application platform or virtual environment, adding computers or leaving systems “as-is,” new vulnerabilities should be anticipated. BAI Security can help catch these vulnerabilities before any harm can be done with our thorough security assessment.

By regularly performing a comprehensive IT security audit and information security assessment, you can gain the insight you need to put the right strategies, technologies, policies and procedures in place to ensure optimal protection.

Your IT Security Risk Evaluation Should Not Stop At Technology

Conducting social engineering exercises will test your staff against manipulation techniques used by cyber criminals to gather sensitive information or access your network.

To make sure this won’t happen, BAI Security offers a multitude of non-threatening phone, in-person, and email phishing scenarios to fully evaluate this area of risk. We also offer enhanced tactics to take your security posture to the next level.  

These include endpoint compromise, USB drops, black box placements and more. 

We’ll share how we were able to breach your network using these tactics so you can put roadblocks in place to prevent these intrusions in the future.

You can count on BAI Security to keep your business safe and secure.

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BAI Security is a Nationally Recognized Leader in IT Security

We focus on keeping your data safe and your business compliant through advanced techniques and solutions influenced by real-world experience.

Benefits of an IT Security Risk Assessment

Our team evaluates the maturity of current information security capabilities, identifies vulnerable areas, and provides recommendations on prioritizing areas for remediation. Our assessment goes beyond technical focus. We take a rounded view of an organizations, process and technology while providing an understanding of overall risk posture.

We provide the following key services as part of our IT Security Risk Assessment:

  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

  • Extensive Firewall Evaluation

  • Social Engineering Evaluation

  • Antivirus Best Practices Evaluation

  • Network Security Best Practices Evaluation

  • Remote Location (Branch) Evaluation

  • Remote Access Evaluation

  • Telco-Testing / War-Dialing Evaluation

  • Wireless Security Evaluation

Our IT Assessment tools are rated as the best of breed by Gartner Group and Forester Research. 

We adhere to a consistently proven methodology and use industry best practices as defined by the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA), as well as the widely accepted common compliance standards of GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, PCI,NERC, and others.

We set ourselves apart with our exceptional, in-depth auditing, dedicated security focus, ongoing support and best-in-class deliverables (Interested in seeing a sample of our reports? Request one here).

What is an It Security Risk Assessment?

IT security risk assessments are not only vital, but also government-mandated for organizations that store information technologically. Risk management is especially critical for organizations that hold sensitive information and data, such as medical, law enforcement, financial and commercial-oriented organizations whose data loss could compromise their confidentiality, integrity and assets. 

BAI Security can work with your organization and determine vulnerabilities and threats to your systems. Information security risk assessments can provide your organization with a rating of your security and suggest how to improve IT security.

Why do we need to perform an IT Security Risk Assessment? 

There are a number of reasons you might want to perform an IT security risk assessment—and a few other reasons why you need to. Let’s go through them: 

  1. They can reduce long-term costs – Obviously, identifying potential threats and working to mitigate them has the potential to prevent security incidents, which saves your organization money in the long run. 
  2. Information security best practices provide a template for future assessments –  IT security risk assessments aren’t a one-off, you need to continuously update them. By doing a good job on the first one, you create a repeatable process that can be picked up by someone else in the event of staff turnover. 
  3. An Information Technology Assessment can provide your organization with greater self awareness – Knowing where your organization’s weaknesses lie helps give you a better idea of what areas your organization needs to grow and invest in.
  4. It helps you avoid breaches and other security incidents – This goes back to our first point, a well-done IT network security assessment can improve your network security implementations and mitigate attacks and personal data breaches. 
  5. It can improve communication – Typically an IT security assessment requires input from a number of different departments and stakeholders, this can help increase organizational visibility and enhance communication.

Whether you want help prioritizing and implementing known vulnerabilities or are starting from square one, we’ll work alongside your staff to remediate any shortcomings

BAI Security is a partner to protect your business, we have extensive IT security services to match your organization’s needs. 

For more information or a quote, use the contact form on the right or call us at (847) 410-8180.

What Our Clients Say

BAI Security has been our security consultant since 2004. They have worked with our company to ensure we are compliant and secure in areas of our network infrastructure, vulnerability management, best practices and social engineering. The BAI Security team has been professional, interactive with our teams and positively impacting to our growth. We highly recommend them.

Executive VP, IT Services Company

BAI is a very valuable resource, they have exceptional skills in security, and not only have I used their resources, but I have recommended him to many of my associates. They have a wonderful way of taking care of their clients, as well as communicating with people on a personal level.

President, Community Bank