Network Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Network Vulnerability Assessment and Management 

To keep your organization safe from attackers, you need the capability to scan for any vulnerabilities in your network more than just once a year. You deserve 24/7, on-demand scanning at your fingertips.

BAI Security’s Vulnerability Management Service

We provide you with just this, allowing you to identify and address any weaknesses that might exist within your network as frequently as needed.

This ultra cost-effective solution requires no setup or employee training at all; just tell us how often you want your scans – and request additional scans whenever you need them. At the conclusion of every scan, you’ll receive detailed reports listing all found vulnerabilities, along with steps for immediate remediation.

You need around-the-clock insights into these vulnerabilities and the risks they pose to your network’s security. Don’t settle for yearly audits that fulfill the bare minimum of compliance – go the extra mile and prioritize your organization’s cybersecurity with BAI Security’s  Vulnerability Management.

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Download the Network Vulnerability Assessment Brochure

What is a Network Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessments are an evaluation of an organization’s hardware, software, and procedures against a list of known vulnerabilities and best practices.  

The assessment may expose network vulnerabilities and holes in your security that could leave a open door for hackers. A network vulnerability assessment should also be performed on an ongoing basis as new threats arise and hackers find additional ways to break into systems.

Network vulnerability assessments aren’t always just a “nice to have” type of resource. Depending on your industry, you may be required to perform vulnerability assessments to remain compliant. For example, PCI and HIPAA require assessments to ensure that you are protecting your customers’ information and sensitive data.

Network Vulnerability Assessment Tasks

Depending on your network’s own vulnerabilities, the results of your scan and process may look different. However, you can ask your team to focus on some of these tasks to get started:

    • Identifying and prioritizing network threats
    • Analyzing router and WiFi passwords for vulnerabilities
    • Reviewing your organization’s network strength against common attacks including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Man-in-the-Middle attack (MITM), and Network Intrusion
    • Analyzing your routers, switches, and computers for device security

Vulnerability Scanning vs. Penetration Testing

Although vulnerability assessment tools can help identify security flaws, they can’t determine which loopholes can cause damage and which can’t. That’s why penetration tests are crucial to purposefully, but ethically, exploit vulnerabilities and identify which ones are threats.

A penetration test may involve:

    • Using social engineering techniques such as impersonating a manager and asking an employee for a password in order to gain access to a database or other system
    • Intercepting and using unencrypted passwords sent over the network
    • Sending phishing emails to users to gain access to accounts

BAI Security can empower businesses for the better to fix their vulnerabilities before they spiral out of control and lead to catastrophic damage. We have a track record of working with reputable companies and getting our clients the results.

Ongoing Vulnerability Testing

Network vulnerability assessment testing and reporting is not a one-time process. Your company should establish a culture of security that focuses on the ongoing safety of your business.

Make keeping your network safe and secure the cornerstone of your business. Although a network vulnerability assessment takes some time and resources, it will alleviate the financial burden of dealing with a hack that could have been prevented simply by knowing your network’s weaknesses.

You can count on BAI Security to keep your business safe and secure.

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What Our Clients Say

BAI Security has been our security consultant since 2007. They have worked with our company to ensure we are compliant and secure in areas of our network infrastructure, vulnerability management, best practices and social engineering. The BAI Security team has been professional, interactive with our teams and positively impacting to our growth. We highly recommend them.

Executive VP, IT Services Company

BAI is a very valuable resource, they have exceptional skills in security, and not only have I used their resources, but I have recommended him to many of my associates. They have a wonderful way of taking care of their clients, as well as communicating with people on a personal level.

President, Community Bank