Compromise Assessment

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BAI Security's Compromise Assessment service helps an organization find malicious code through deployment of highly-specialized, yet nonintrusive, forensic software on all endpoints.

Our detection capabilities include:

  • Identification of attacks from stealth/idle malware
  • Zero-day code
  • Rootkits
  • Trojans
  • Key loggers
  • Various forms of data capturing programs

Anything that appears suspicious is carefully examined to confirm its validity in its environment.

The team at BAI Security can pinpoint any additional compromised hosts infected with the same malware, determine initial points of infection and even isolate lingering malicious files and system changes for immediate mitigation.

At the conclusion of the Compromise Assessment, we provide a user-friendly Executive Summary of our findings, as well as the technical details to aid in preventing future attacks.

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What Our Clients Say

BAI Security has been our security consultant since 2004. They have worked with our company to ensure we are compliant and secure in areas of our network infrastructure, vulnerability management, best practices and social engineering. The BAI Security team has been professional, interactive with our teams and positively impacting to our growth. We highly recommend them.

- Executive VP, IT Services Company

BAI is a very valuable resource, they have exceptional skills in security, and not only have I used their resources, but I have recommended him to many of my associates. They have a wonderful way of taking care of their clients, as well as communicating with people on a personal level.

- President, Community Bank