2021 Cybersecurity Will Choose Its Own Adventure

Every presidential election naturally fuels dialog about our country’s future. For organizational leaders and those in IT security and compliance, the answers will define their priorities—and budget—for the coming years. So what, exactly, should federal legislation and policy prioritize? And what is at stake for the world of IT security? Potential upcoming legislation includes the […]

Threat Intelligence: The Full Court Press Against Risk

You can always add new strategies to your IT security defense, but what if you could see into cybercriminals’ playbook? Readers of our blog will know that, apart from providing top-shelf IT security assessments, we’re also a strong proponent of risk management. In a world increasingly infiltrated with ransomware and malicious actors taking advantage of […]

Malware Risk Management

Prevent, detect, and contain: that’s the National Security Agency (NSA) advice for mitigating the damage of malware attacks. The NSA’s new report, “Defensive Best Practices Against Destructive Malware,” provides a good proactive baseline for warding off attacks, along with advice on how to keep attackers from running amuck after they have gained some access to […]

Does Your Organization Need Cyber Insurance?

News about the damage associated with the Sony breach keep coming, and is most likely going to reach new heights over the Christmas break. Meanwhile, criminals keep conducting immensely successful hack attacks against huge brands that should have the financial assets and talent to protect against breaches. Has this risk management gone very wrong — […]