What To Look For – How to Choose the Right IT Security Assessment Partner for Your Organization

Vetting vendors? Crafting an RFP?

Ask the right questions – find the right partner.

Not all vendors are created equal.

Yet the quality of your security assessment can be
the difference between true security and a costly breach.

Knowing what to look for and ask about
can help you land the optimal security partner.


8 Expectations

When Choosing Your IT Security Assessment Provider

DON'T Settle For...

When You Can Have...



divided focus among a myriad of other services & reselling distractions

Industry-Leading Security Specialists

Unparalleled Focus on IT Security & Compliance

outsourced contractors

novice auditors

single engagement staff who lack knowledge of your distinct organization

100% In-House Expert Team

Fully Certified, Highly Experienced Auditors

questionable open source tools

unvalidated freeware

flashy custom client portal powered by sketchy open source software

Only Best-in-Breed Tools

Independently Verified

Award-Winning Year After Year

bare minimum, "just the regulations" check (i.e. what hackers are hoping for)

"clean" results mean a false sense of security

Cutting-Edge to Undermine Present-Day Threats

Innovative & Intentionally Exhaustive

cookie cutter, inflexible

pay for more than you need

lowest cost option = you get what you pay for

Affordable, Customizable Packages for Every Budget

Multi-Year Discounts & Complimentary Offerings



lacking historical knowledge of your environment

Long-Term Partnership to Grow with Your Security Needs

Trusted Security Ally During & Between Audits


overly complicated

impractical to implement

too costly

Practical & Actionable

Tailor-Made for Your Environment

User-Friendly Reports

(can they beat this?)

- 100% of recently surveyed clients rate the "Depth" & "Comprehensiveness" of BAI's IT Security Assessment as "Excellent"

- 93% of the time, we successfully breach client environments with BAI's exacting Red Team Assessment

- 85% of the time, regardless of prior audit, BAI's IT Security Assessment reveals serious, previously undetected issues for new clients

- Repeated industry accolades, including 2020's Best Security Solution Providers

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