Community Stands Up to Cyber Attacks When it comes to cyberattacks, you can never be too prepared. On Tuesday, Rhodes State College held the first of its three-part Cybersecurity Seminar Series, hosted by the Texas A&M National Emergency Response and Rescue Center, to raise awareness of how to prevent cybersecurity disasters. Texas A&M’s program reviews the different types of cyberattacks and covers tips for both the individual and the discerning organization on how to be safe online. It also covers how these organizations can work together with their communities to create a stronger partnership with cybersecurity as a whole. The program wraps on Wednesday, and aspires to leave its participants with the foundation for creating a strategic plan to bolster community cybersecurity and defend against cyberattacks. And that foundation builds from the heart of the community—to construct an effective system, employers must get to know their employees, and train them to be a part of the effort. For each session participants in the program complete, they are invited to take an exam to become certified by Texas A&M and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And as part of a growing movement to make cybersecurity education more accessible, Rhodes State will offer a cybersecurity certificate starting in the fall.

The Best Laid Lesson Plans

This isn’t the first time that Texas A&M has taken an active role in educating the community about the importance of cybersecurity. Its Division of Information Technology was featured in the latest Chronicle of Higher Education guide in an article that highlighted how Texas A&M University, Harvard University, and the Rochester Institute of Technology give people the tools and motivation they need to learn about good security practices. The article also makes note of Texas A&M’s online cybersecurity games, which they release every October to recognize National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Their most recent game, Aggie LIFE, is a digital board game that teaches its players about the most effective cybersecurity practices. Throughout the year, the division also rolls out other communications campaigns that make use of eye-catching visuals and graphics to raise awareness and engage employees in learning more about cybersecurity. Its efforts to standardize and streamline cybersecurity education represent an understanding of the importance of the individual when it comes to stopping cyberattacks. From thousands of employees to the highest-ranking official, everyone can make a difference.

Do Your Part

As cybersecurity becomes increasingly vital in this age of technology, it’s now more important than ever to educate people—and know where your company stands. You need an astute, reliable operation that reaches out to employees company-wide. Our IT Security Assessment includes advanced social engineering techniques to evaluate personnel risks that impact the safeguard of sensitive information. With innovative and individualized cybersecurity assessments, we have the ability to simulate phishing campaigns and collect data to help you increase those safeguards and better protect your people. Contact us today to get started.