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Special IT Security Offerings Throughout COVID-19

Keeping Your People AND Systems Safe – Our Pandemic Response

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New Threat Detection

Regardless of prior audit, BAI’s IT Security Assessment reveals serious, previously undetected issues in 85% of our new client environments.


Red Team Breach Success

BAI successfully breaches 93% of client environments with our exacting Red Team Assessment.


Audit Depth & Comprehensiveness

In recent client surveys, 100% rated the “Depth” and “Comprehensiveness” of our IT Security Assessment and our Controls Audit as “Excellent.”


Valued Deliverables

In recent client surveys, 100% rated the “Quality & Value” of our Deliverables as “Excellent.”


Auditor Professionalism

In recent client surveys, 100% rated the “Knowledge, Communication, Responsiveness, Follow Up, & Professionalism” of both our IT Security Auditors and our Compliance Auditors as “Excellent.”


Account Executive Professionalism

In recent client surveys, 100% rated the “Knowledge, Communication, Responsiveness, Follow Up, & Professionalism” of our Account Executives as “Excellent.”


Who We Are

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About Us

About Us

BAI Security is a nationally recognized IT security auditing and compliance firm that specializes in providing clients in highly regulated sectors the most innovative, comprehensive, and affordable security solutions in our industry.

See how our exceptional qualifications and deep experience are like none other:

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Latest Awards

Latest Awards

BAI Security’s unparalleled cyber expertise and cutting-edge innovations continually raise the bar for the entire IT security profession, earning BAI repeated national recognition for industry leadership.

Check out some of our latest accolades:

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Best-In-breed Tools & Solutions

Best-In-breed Tools & Solutions

BAI Security is proud to use only independently validated, best-in-breed tools and award-winning technologies, ensuring you receive the most rigorous and accurate assessment available, along with customized recommendations designed for your unique environment.

Here’s more about our award-winning tools and deliverables:

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Join Our Team

Join Our Team

With our dedicated team of in-house experts, we continually deliver groundbreaking new security services, positioning us at the forefront of our industry – right where we need to be to protect our clients from evolving cyberthreats.

Find out about current openings:

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What Our Clients Say


Why choose us


Industry-leading security specialists with unparalleled focus on IT Security & Compliance


100% in-house expert team of certified, highly experienced auditors


Only independently verified, best-in-breed tools that win global recognition year after year


Cutting-edge & exhaustive methodology to undermine malicious actors & present-day threats


Affordable à la carte packages for every budget, with multi-year discounts & complimentary offerings


Long-term partnership to grow with your security needs & to be a trusted ally during & between audits


Practical & actionable recommendations tailor-made for your unique environment, delivered in user-friendly technical & executive reports


100% of recently surveyed clients rate the "Depth" & "Comprehensiveness" of BAI's IT Security Assessment as "Excellent"


Latest Posts

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In 2020, ransomware struck hospitals, schools, and state governments across America. In 2021, the Institute for Security and Technology’s Ransomware Task Force is striking back. ...

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On The Edge: Transforming Data Processing

2021 is ushering in a new perspective on IT security. Experts advise the future is in edge computing, but it’s not as simple as “out with the old, in with the new.” With orig...

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5 Key Security Resolutions for Every CISO’s New Year

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that nothing upends well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions quite like a global pandemic. In an unprecedented year for the world at large, IT s...

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Containing Crises: The SolarWinds Breach

When it comes to a security breach, scope is everything—and the current Solar Winds hack has the government in its crosshairs. It started on December 8th, when cybersecurity inci...

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Keeping Up By Going Beyond: Financial Sector Compliance

The financial sector is a high-profile target for cyberattacks, and for good reason. Banks and affiliated networks are hotspots for sensitive data, confidential client information,...

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Mythbusting: Correcting 6 Security Misconceptions

Like any field on the cutting edge, IT security suffers from plenty of myths and misconceptions. But having the wrong idea doesn’t just contribute to misinformation—it can also...

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