What To Look For

Vetting vendors? Crafting an RFP? Ask the right questions – find the right partner. (SPOILER ALERT: Expertise and excellence can actually be affordable.)
DON'T Settle For...When You Can Have...
  • Generalists or consultants
  • Divided focus across unrelated services & reselling
  • Industry-Leading Security Specialists
  • Unparalleled Focus on IT Security & Compliance
  • outsourced contractors
  • novice auditors
  • unrelated experience
  • 100% In-House Expert Team
  • Highly Trained, Education, Certified Auditors
  • Deeply Experienced in the Most Regulated, Critical Sectors
  • questionable open source tools
  • unvalidated freeware
  • flashy custom client portal powered by sketchy open source software
  • Only Globally Recognized Best-in-Breed Tools
  • Independently Validated & Award-Winning Year After Year
  • Industry-Leading Portal with Gold Star Security (bank-level encryption)
  • bare minimum, "just the regulations" audit (what hackers are hoping for)
  • "clean" results create a false sense of security
  • Cutting-Edge to Undermine Present-Day Threats
  • Intentionally Exhaustive To Go Where Hackers Go
  • Highly accurate results you can trust
  • cookie cutter, inflexible
  • pay for more than you need
  • lowest cost option = you get what you pay for
  • Affordable, Customizable Packages for Every Budget
  • À la carte scoping options to precisely suit your needs
  • Multi-Year Discounts & Complimentary Offerings
  • Detached vendor
  • single-engagement interest
  • lacking knowledge of your environment & history
  • Thoughtful Attention to Your Unique Environment & Goals
  • Long-Term Partnership to Grow with Your Security Needs
  • Trusted Security Ally During & Between Audits
  • generic or overly complicated
  • impractical to implement
  • too costly or time-consuming
  • Practical & Immediately Actionable
  • Tailor-Made for Your Environment & Resources
  • User-Friendly Technical & Executive Reports

Not sure about changing providers?

Read our Q&A addressing 3 common concerns about switching assessment vendors.

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We understand a lot of providers make a lot of claims. That’s why we collect and share hard data and client testimonials to back ours up. We hope information like this helps you feel confident in choosing to partner with BAI Security.


New Threat Detection

Regardless of prior audit, BAI’s IT Security Assessment reveals serious, previously undetected issues in 85% of our new client environments.


Red Team Breach Success

BAI successfully breaches 93% of client environments with our exacting Red Team Assessment.


Audit Depth & Comprehensiveness

In recent client surveys, 100% rated the “Depth” and “Comprehensiveness” of both our IT Security Assessment and our Controls Audit as “Excellent.”


Valued Deliverables

In recent client surveys, 100% rated the “Quality & Value” of our Deliverables as “Excellent.”


Auditor Professionalism

In recent client surveys, 100% rated the “Knowledge, Communication, Responsiveness, Follow Up, & Professionalism” of both our IT Security Auditors and our Compliance Auditors as “Excellent.”


Account Executive Professionalism

In recent client surveys, 100% rated the “Knowledge, Communication, Responsiveness, Follow Up, & Professionalism” of our Account Executives as “Excellent.”