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It’s no secret that evolving cybersecurity threats are increasingly putting sensitive data at risk for businesses both large and small. BAI Security provides you the assurance that your data is protected by an in-house team of nationally recognized security and compliance experts. We're armed with innovative auditing and assessment tools that lead the industry. By consistently delivering robust evaluations, flexible offerings, consultative service, user-friendly reporting, and helpful guidance well beyond the audit, we are proud that our clients see us as trusted partners.

BAI Security is a Nationally Recognized Leader in IT Security

Keeping your data safe and your business compliant is our singular focus. As pioneers of cutting-edge assessment methods, we continually innovate advanced techniques influenced by real-world experience and ever-emerging cyberthreats.

The resulting proprietary methodologies are far more comprehensive than traditional assessments in both breadth and depth, allowing us to undermine even the savviest hackers and protect your organization.

From our position on the frontline of cybersecurity, we have been repeatedly recognized as trailblazers, contributing cutting-edge thinking, methods, and tools to the IT security profession. We are proud to regularly earn national accolades, including most recently being featured as the
Best Security Solution Providers of 2020.

IT Security Assessment

Our IT Security Assessment thoroughly evaluates risks, vulnerabilities, social engineering, firewalls, wireless, malware protection, and security best practices using cutting-edge technology to thwart present-day threats.

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Controls Audits

Our comprehensive Controls Audit verifies your organization’s cybersecurity preparedness against standards developed by the FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, and other international regulations, assuring you and your customers are secure.

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Network Vulnerability Assessment

Our Network Vulnerability Assessment allows you to scan for network vulnerabilities as frequently as desired, preventing between-audit issues and costly disruption to your business by quickly restoring your security posture.

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