Security expertise that meets your expectations. Service that exceeds them.

It’s no secret that evolving cybersecurity threats are increasingly putting sensitive data at risk for businesses both large and small. BAI Security provides the assurance and confidence that your data is protected by an in-house team of nationally recognized security and compliance experts. We're armed with innovative auditing and assessment tools that lead the industry. By consistently delivering flexible, consultative service, user-friendly reports and helpful communication that goes well beyond the audit, we are proud that our clients see us as true partners.

IT Security Assessments

Our IT Security Assessments evaluate risks, vulnerabilities, social engineering, firewalls, wireless, malware protection, and security best practices.

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Controls Audits

Our Controls Audit verifies an organization’s security controls against standards developed by the FFIEC, HIPAA, and other international standards.

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Compromise Assessment

Our Compromise Assessment is a vital service for organizations that want to ensure malicious malware is not operating within their network, or that the organization has not already been targeted by external attackers without their knowledge.

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