Healthcare Horizons: The Future of TeleMed Security

A year ago, it was difficult to project to the end of the pandemic, much less beyond. Now, as organizations shift towards post-pandemic functionality, and administrations shuffle their priorities for the “next normal,” continued financial recovery amid an ecosystem of data protection, remote workers, and incident response is looking more complex than ever—nowhere more so than in healthcare. Healthcare has long been one of the most challenging industries for large-scale change. Enter COVID-19, and sweeping digitization efforts were essentially ground to a halt, followed by a slew of cyberattacks against hospitals that took aim at overworked staff to mine high volumes...

When, Not If: 8 Incident Response Essentials

In the past year, cybercrime grew a stomach-churning 600%. From stealing sensitive data to causing operational downtime, lost business, and permanent reputation damage, hackers have become emboldened by big returns and nearly zero prosecution. With attacks on the IoT (Internet of Things) predicted to double in the next four years, costing companies worldwide over $10 trillion annually, there’s no industry that’s safe from the endless endpoints that hackers prey upon. In other words, it’s no longer a question of “if,” but rather “when” your organization will face a compromise. While defensive measures matter greatly to help thwart an attack, so...

Promising Proposals: Key RFP Content

On dating websites, users answer profile questions to help you find the perfect match. What are your hobbies? Where do you like to travel? How do you feel about kids? Pretty standard inquiry to help zero in on someone promising.But when it comes to vetting IT assessment vendors, decision-makers struggle with knowing what to ask about, much less what to expect in answers from aspiring partners. Or, their RFP is outdated, not representing present-day security concerns, relevant offerings, critical auditor credentials, or other key components that would ensure your IT security is poised for proper protection.Today, we demystify RFP development...

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