Cracking Down On COVID Crime As cyber threats continue to mount in response to the socioeconomic effects of COVID-19, the cybersecurity industry has made it a priority to unite and fight back. To combat hackers bent on taking advantage of society’s fragile state, a group of nearly 400 cybersecurity experts have come together from across the world. The volunteer organization, known as the COVID-19 CTI (cyber threat intelligence) League, has members from over 40 countries, including executives from Microsoft Corp. and Amazon. According to one of the League’s initial managers, Marc Rogers, the group will focus on fighting back against attacks on medical facilities and other organizations on the front lines. They are also working to defend communication networks and services for newly displaced remote workers. With its members sporting an extensive web of contacts and multiple providers of Internet infrastructure, the group hopes to quell opportunistic phishing incidents and other scams that seek to take advantage of anxious users.

Reporting In

Rogers reports that of the scams addressed by the League so far, phishing far outpaces the others. The scams are reaching out in every language and every form, from fake emails to false sites, seeking control of their victims’ personal accounts. In one effort to work against phishing, the League dismantled a campaign that took advantage of a particular software vulnerability to spread malware. It remains hesitant to reveal the details of its efforts, but the fact remains that the volume of cyber threats it is addressing is unprecedented. In the meantime, it continues to push for international cooperation and collaboration with law enforcement to address the sudden uptick in cyber threats. Rogers has mentioned that authorities have been surprisingly open to working with the League, with the understanding that the threat is widespread and a danger to all nations. Along with Rogers, a citizen of the United Kingdom, two other group coordinators are American and Israeli, respectively. Despite the magnitude of the threat, both in the case of the pandemic and the resulting cybersecurity difficulties, the League has become a leading example of the importance of unity in times of crisis.

Keep Your Friends Closer

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